Let it go ( From Dreams to Post Cards- Chapter: The Ruse of the Rooms)


Those rooms are lost in the mirrors; the mirrors are lost in the room. The quivering of the soul upon that sliver of time between waking reality and the meadows of dreams shakes the foundations of the earth. The sliver is the third dimension of the life of the mind. The un- awakened monster is aroused from its dormant state in that crevice of consciousness in its blaring voice, the reality of being alive. It thunders and rolls the slumber into submission and pulls her back from the portals between the mirrors; the fears of the darkness of the unknown yet to come blaze their brightest; tears flow uncontrollably. There is no sorrow except for that of being alive and being in a body that encapsulates life for a glimpse in eternity. She is enveloped in the longing to escape; to escape through the crevices in time, to a place in between the body and thought. The place where songs fill the air, lights are magical and in the eyes of whoever chooses to see, the clump of trees where lovers unite their spirits and no carnal union is known. The air and breaths mingle in a concoction of sweet fragrance, meant to be present in eternity in solitude of thought alone, enveloping the fears and throbbing hearts and soothing the raging electric currents in the brain.

There is coolness from the deepest oceans and the breeze of the highest peaks, in the veins that carry the restlessness of the waking world. And a presence fills the heated lobes of alertness, cooing softly, “Let it go”.

Let go of the quivering soul’s faintness, let go of the heart’s throbbing pulse. Let go of the current that flows through the veins. Let go of that hate and that disappointment in your bosom. Let go off the self that the body encapsulates. React in a way you never did before. Your actions define you. Change the pattern for actions. Choose a different one every time. Why should anything define you? Let go off the definitions. Let go of the principles that cage your heart; the only principle remaining to self protection and not hurting anyone else. Let it go. Let that claw relax, let that grip loosen. Let it go. Let go off the necessity to feel, let go of the desire to succeed, let go of the want to be somewhere. It will all come back to where you started. Because it is not a road, it’s a capsule, a circular one that meets the end at where it started. All the quivering and the current will be in vain. Let that go. Let that heart ache go, let that hurt pride go, let that expectation go, let that individuality go.

There are a finite number of reactions to a finite number of situations. Why choose trajectory? Why should that be you? You are all of what humanity is, you are the entire universe. Why be unique, why be different, why be you. Be all of it. Live all of it. Why live one life? Live all of them. Be everything, be all of them. React differently every time. Let it go. Be free. Be whatever you can be. Don’t be just one you, be all of those you can be. Be one and be all.


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