On the Parisian streets-atop the city

On the Parisian streets-atop the city
( recalling the second visit to Sacre Cour and eating icecream at Amorino and all the conversations and sights of the evening)

A humming shiver escapes my core
Like a dancing soul on twilight’s shore

Defenceless, boundless, free to wander
Loitering from the East, o’er western skys yonder

A symphony is astir within my being, oh Lord
Intoxicated in tne tunes of memories so sweet

My words fail me, the richness of image is so full
Like a bosom of a lover brimming with secret lust

Want to sing the songs within me but no more pours out
Even if there was a language to paint my picture
I will let it remain hidden within the meadows of memory

How a memory makes me faint
Of a breath so happily breathed
In its simplicity and tenderness
Of being gloriously loved
Of being knitted into affection



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