Not meeting targets? It’s only human and widespread on international scale

Waking up every day with a plan in mind and then spending the day trying to meet those targets.

The practice is not just necessary for self discipline but also preparation to embark on a challenging life changing career.

Standing at the base of the mountain, it does seem rather plausible to follow each and every mantra for success by the gurus.

But how much of meeting targets and being spot on do I see around me?

Maybe it is just me, but Obamacare didn’t meet the target of enrolling the younger part of the population into the health insurance schemes, but somehow the young and fit seem uninterested.[1] Here goes a target unmet. The implications it could have is rich with arguments and complications involving the political rivalry in the US.

Tunisia, the beacon of democracy in the Arab world was supposed to witness the completion of a constitutional draft a year ago but still lost midst economic stagnation and Islamist- Secular disputes.[2]

The Tories are sweating to improve the NHS by driving efforts on transparency on surgeon records and patient data, but is still not on target to accommodate the needs of it fast ageing population.[3]

Maybe it is just me, but it seems like a widespread contagion of inefficiency or simply being human. No one seems to be meeting targets. Each new day there is earnings prediction not meeting the reality.

Look at the Millennium development goals for instance. There was supposed to be 100% target for Universal Primary Education and so far I have not seen one policy report achieving that.

So from governments, international organizations, or simply put global governance bodies to a nameless young individual, no one seems to be meeting any targets whatsoever.

Does it hint at a problem, or could it be a learning step towards becoming aware of our cognitive limitations?


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